Cima del montgó

La Creueta

The Montgo is a massif located in the northeast of the province of Alicante, naturally separating the towns of Denia and Javea.

Its highest point, La Creueta reaches 753 meters above sea level, this place of 2,117 hectares was declared a Natural Park in 1987.

In the Montgo Natural Park, there are many hiking trails, but the Creueta is the toughest and most impressive because of the landscape views since it reaches the highest point of the Montgo (753 meters).

The Creueta can be accessed in 2 ways:

 From Jesus Pobre: ​​We arrive at Jesus Pobre, where we will start the path going up the l’Hedra ravine to the top of the mountain, to finally reach the cross. The journey is 5 hours, 14 kilometers.

 From Denia: we will take the Cami de la Colonia until the end of it (Raco del Bou). On the left we enter a pleasant path with a constant ascent to the flat area of the ​​Montgo, from here, the slope increases and the road becomes more difficult and rocky (karst lapiaz). After walking a kilometer we find on our left an area marked with stones that indicates the detour to the Creueta.

We will walk about 100m through an area of quite tedious rocks, where the path gets lost, although there is an area more marked by the passage of walkers.

The views immediately begin to be spectacular, a good preview of what awaits us above.

Shortly before reaching the cross, we begin a small climb up. The terrain becomes even steeper, and will give us the feeling of being a little exposed; If we go carefully, we don’t have to worry about anything.

The massif hides a dazzling treasure of life that makes it an emblematic mountain of wealth and biodiversity of the Valencian nature; ravines, walls, top, terraces, coasts, sea beds … they house more than 650 species of plants. More than 80 are classified as rare, endemic or threatened, the most emblematic of which is, Carduncellus Dianius: an exclusive plant of Montgo and the mountains of Ibiza. Among its fauna we find more than 150 vertebrates, highlighting the Aguila Perdicera, a threatened species at the European level.

Aguila Perdicera
Aguila Perdicera


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