Denia’s Ghost City

Located at the top of the Lloma del Castanyar (location on Google Maps at the end of the article), in the heart of the Montgo, the urbanization of El Greco stands as the great ghost of the Montgo that has been living for more than 40 years.

The east wind, when blowing between its doors and cracks, produces a spooky sound that gives it its name.


You will be surprised at how the villas were practically finished.

In 1978 the construction of more than 500 villas was planned, but only 111 were built. This is because the construction company lost the license to build after the declaration of Montgo as a natural park. The City of Denia must demolish them, but the large volume of this operation requires a high budget. A lot of time has passed for this ghost town to be destroyed today.

Pueblo fantasma denia chica

You will find graffiti everywhere, some of them true pieces of art. But what will leave you speechless will be the panoramic view of the place, the buildings stand on the side of the mountain, surrounded on both sides by deep cliffs.


The mountain Montgo, the sea, the Torre del Gerro, is the impressive landscape that is contemplated from this unusual place. You could say it would have been a good place to live.

How to get there?



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