Denia Viewpoints | The best views in Denia

Here are 6 lookout spots that will give you an unforgettable view of Dénia!

There are many places to enjoy the Mediterranean city, especially from the secret points that you will discover here. Denia is a city surrounded by mountains and its natural viewpoints are wonderful.
From experience, any time is good to visit these hidden places, although we always recommend enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. In these moments you can enjoy an idyllic image of Denia with the Mediterranean Sea to the horizon and the colors that these golden hours give us.

El Castillo Castell de Dénia





The views from the top of Denia’s Castle are breath taking and never leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy a wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea, the harbor, the city of Denia and Mount Montgó.

To get to the castle you will take the stairs located next to the City Hall on the street Hospital, then take the street La Brecha and continue your way up to Calle del Cid, where you will soon find Denia’s Castle.

Here you will find relevant information about schedules, prices, and history.

La Torre del Gerro Hierro

La Torre del Gerro (Iron Tower) is a spot that can’t be missed during your time in Denia.
Let yourself be surprised by its height, almost 14 meters, five centuries of history and panoramic views of Denia, the Mediterranean Sea, the Montgó and the Cabo de San Antonio. Also, on the clearest days, you can see the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, bring the binoculars to enjoy them!

Discover all you need to know about la Torre del Gerro here!

The first picture has been shared with us by Alfredo, a great professional. Thank you!
Instagram: __alfredini__

La Cova de L' Aigua

To enjoy these views you will need sportswear since the cave is located in the rocky walls of the Montgó mountain. We can also enjoy a wide variety of plant species and a bit of history, since there is a Roman inscription from 238 A.D., in the time of Emperor Maximino the Thracian (235-238 A.D.)

We can access from the Ermita of Pare Pere. It has a medium-low difficulty and the total journey (round trip) is 3 hours.

Here you will find all you need to know before the hiking trip, like how to get there and more useful information!

We thank the great photographer, Alfredo for sharing this spectacular shot with us!
Instagram: __alfredini__

Els Molins Los Molinos

These windmills from the XIV and XVIII were built to ground grains to make the flour. Nowadays, we enjoy a jaw-dropping panoramic view of Javea (the town next to Denia). You can still go down inside some of these 11 ancient structures, even though they have been restored, you can still appreciate original elements, like the stairs or the different floors.

To arrive from Denia, you need to take the road from Denia to Javea CV-736 (Les Planes). Once you arrive at the top, turn left towards the road of Cabo de San Antonio CV-7362, about 150 m we will find the road called Camí del Molins. Everything is marked very clearly. It can’t be missed!

El Cabo de San Antonio

From Els Molins, we return to the road of Cap de Sant Antoni CV-7362 and, at the end of the road, we will find the viewpoint. The Cape of San Antonio is located at 160 meters height. It’s part of an extension of the Montgó massif. Not only the views of Dénia and Jávea will take our breath away, but its interesting vegetation, the impressive lighthouse and the views over the land and the sea make the small detour worthwhile.

El Pueblo Fantasma

“A horror movie viewpoint. ” Be fascinated by a town inhabited by graffiti, rubble and demolished houses. You will want to live in one of those abandoned houses when you look out the window and see the Montgó in its maximum brilliance on one side and the Mediterranean Sea with the Torre del Gerro on the other. We recommend going at sunset, or at night time for the bravest.

Discover more about this “haunted” town here.

Have you already visited any of these viewpoints? Share your experience with photos, videos or comments on the blog or tag us on our social networks, we would love to publish you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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